Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Little Painted Surprises & Cleaning Like a Mad Woman

My children are supposed to be napping currently, so I thought I would steal a few moments away for myself. Though as I type this, I hear a merry little midget trying to hid discreetly behind the couch.  (I quickly shooed him back to bed.)

Today the house is bustling as I try to get ready to entertain a small group tonight at my house. I have a five and a half hour count down until they arrive, which seems like a lot of time IF my house wasn't in total shambles. I have laundry strewn around and in piles in several rooms now, but at least it is all washed and OFF the floors! I already got the breakfast and lunch dishes washed. While I was cleaning the living room I found this.

Here is a close up.

 I left my paint and brushes out the other night when I was painting my picture frame. I am lucky that this is what I discovered instead of the paint being poured out onto the floor or having tiny hand prints on the wall. My 7 year old painted this and I think she is quite talented with a giant foam brush. She is much more talented with a paint brush than her dear mother. She inherits this from her Aunt.

I also wanted to show you what chalk paint I chose for this project, Glidden's "Great Slate" paint with the Disney logo. It was about $11 a can, but it does not take a lot of paint for each coat. I will definitely have enough paint for several big projects down the road. The best thing about this paint is that you can get it all over yourself and it literally washes off with water and light scrubbing. 

The paint I chose to do the mat frame in is from Hobby Lobby and was about $8. I purchased this several years ago, maybe four, and it is still in quality condition to paint with. It is called "champagne gold". In my pictures it does have a gold tint to it, but living room has dark lighting, so it looks more like a silver to me. 

Well, I better get back to cleaning like a mad woman!


  1. You need to frame Journ's artwork! That's actually really good!

  2. I want to buy a few of those dollar store gift certificate frames for that!