Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Picture Frame & Chalk Paint

Today was one of those days that I felt highly unproductive. I did get a lot accomplished...just not the fun stuff! 

The other day I gave you a preview of the picture and frame that I was going to paint. 

Here is a better photo of it. I have been scouring the thrift shops around town for about a month for a big frame. I really did not care if it had glass in the frame. I wanted to create a more appealing way to showcase the children's artwork...ya know...instead of using the refrigerator door. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind using the refrigerator door to display the artwork, but it just won't stay put. It falls off the refrigerator door at least three times a day. Then, it gets stepped on. Finally, it gets torn and I end up sneaking it in the trash before the kids catch me. (Thankfully they're still too little to realize when their artwork is missing.) It just is not the most efficient place to display things on. 

Instead of using this to display the kids' coloring pages, I decided to make a chalkboard out of it. That's very typical of my style...repurposing things...even the already repurposed. 

So here is my progress. 

As you can see, I painted the frame black and the mat a silver color. It is actually called champagne. When I started painting it, I didn't have any masking tape, so you can see my painting blunders on the frame. When I made my shopping trip this morning, I made sure to grab some frog tape.

I had to try this tape out for myself because of all the positive reviews that it has been receiving in the blog world. I has not left me disappointed. 

All I have left is to touch up a few places on the frame and then I will paint the inside with chalk paint. 

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