Monday, September 30, 2013

Biting the Bullet

My Mother offered to let the grand babies sleep over this past weekend, which gave me the perfect opportunity to try out this bad boy. 

Yes, I finally bit the bullet and ordered one. Since I am just learning to upholster, I decided this would be a perfect gun for me. The best thing was super affordable and it works great!

I mentioned a while back that I would reupholster the red chair within the month.
 Well, at least I got started within the month.

The chair's burlap needed to replaced on the deck. 

Here's a close up of it freshly stapled in place. 

And here is the front. 
 (Please excuse the mess, I am currently overtaking my living room with my projects.)

I replaced the old cotton batting. 
When I was stripping the chair, I accidentally tore the front batting.
 I hope that won't be a problem when I recover it. 

Hopefully I can manage to get a little more done this week. I'll keep you posted as I go.


  1. You mean Cody bit the bullet and ordered it! haha ;) can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Haha! You caught me! I did pick it out though, I was just waiting for his stamp of approval!