Monday, September 9, 2013

Grammy's Front Porch

 My children always anticipate going to Grammy's house where they enjoy spending their long summer evenings. Upon entering Grammy's house children's laughter echoes from the walls. Like the laughter that can be found inside the house, it is always present outside as well. The grandchildren enjoy trips riding around the property in the golf cart, with Grammy as the chauffeur. When the kids are not riding in the golf cart, they can be found swimming in the pool. They have become quite the little fish.
My Mom is the most bubbly, cheerful, giving person I know and It seems as though my children are the happiest at their Grammy's house.  

Recently, one of our dear friends offered to give me a church pew. I did not have any room for it in my house, but I recalled my mother stating how she'd like to have a church pew for her front porch. I was pretty tickled that she received such a beautiful blessing. 

It is the perfect place to spend those long summer evenings watching the kids and swim.

Mr. Teddy seems comfortable doesn't he? 

Here's the detail on the side of the pew. (Did I make you dizzy? Sorry about that!)

It's simply beautiful isn't it?

On another note, here's what I spent my last few evenings working on.

What's on your project table this week?

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