Friday, September 6, 2013

What Are These Holes?

Do you remember the red chair that is on my list of things to upholster? No...well, let me remind you. 

 Before you say anything... just think about it's potential. When I look at it, I look past the fabric tearing from the frame. I see it's hidden potential. Let me just tell you that it is a super comfortable chair. Did I mention the fact that it rocks? Yes, literally. So it has character, and a lot of it! One of the things that gives this chair a little more character is what I recently discovered.

Do you see the holes in the legs? 
I was not totally oblivious that they were there, I just did not think too much about it.
 Maybe I should have... As I have begun to learn more about furniture, I recently discovered that they were caused by woodworms.

Woodworms? What the heck is that?(Opps, I just noticed my foot! Oh, back to my answer) Woodworms are simply the furniture beetle. They lay their eggs on your furniture and the larvae eat it. This is bad because they literally EAT your furniture's wood.  How can you know if your furniture piece has woodworms? Like the above picture, there are a series of tiny holes in the furniture frame. You may also notice tiny wood shavings on the floor when you move your chair. The good news is that if you have an infestation, you can treat a woodworm infestation with a chemical insecticide. 

On a side note, when purchasing used furniture I would consider checking for woodworm before making your purchase.

Yes, my chair has a lot of woodworm holes, but since I have had this piece in my house for over a year without wood shavings, I think I am safe.

  Ehh, what's a little more character to my already unique piece.

At least I know now what NOT to bring home in the future! 

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