Thursday, September 5, 2013

Heirloom Dishes

I wanted a chance to show you my collection of heirloom dishes. I never used to be too sentimental about heirlooms, but here recently I have begun to value them even more. 

Now, don't get me wrong. "Old" things have always intrigued me. As I child, I was the one at the flea market buying the black and white photos from the 1920's. As a senior in high school, I even bought a nice settee to put in my dorm room because it looked "old".

Heirlooms are something of special value hand from one generation to another. 
My heirloom items happen to be dishes. 

This piece came from my husband's Great, Great, Great Aunt. 
Whew! I think I got the number of greats correct!

Here is a view of the bottom.

Here is the sugar bowl from the same Aunt. I just adore the painted flowers and silver leafing.
The stack of plates match the silver leafing on the sugar bowl perfectly. 
The plates are from my Grandmother.

Again, the bottom view. 
If you can't read the inscription it says, "Hall's Superior Quality Kitchenware, Made in the USA".

Lastly, here is a platter from my Grandmother's dishes.
 I can't quite read the back. I think it says, "Homer Laoghlis, made in U.S.A.". 
Though, I may be incorrect about the last name.

I love how the platter matches the sugar and cream set perfectly. 

These dishes form a perfect marriage of my husband's side of the family and mine.
More importantly, they hold memories of our family members from long ago. 

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