Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rockin' the Slipcover

I mentioned the other day that I have been busy creating a slipcover for my chair.  Today, I am excited to show you the results. 

I'm totally in love with the fresh new look the slipcover gives this piece. It is rather inviting isn't it?
 Sit down, stay awhile. Would you like some coffee?

Here is the before picture...yes, it's straight from the 1950's. It's rather bleak looking, but I assure you this little piece of history has been well loved. It's the beloved chair of our taller guests, probably due to it's higher back. Plus, it swivels and favorite combination. 

The new look helps accentuates the chair's good qualities. 


Now, let's get real here. Did I totally knock this slipcover out of the ball park?
 Truthfully?... no.   

Am I satisfied with it? Yes.

But, I made mistakes...and a lot of them.

For example, I totally botched the whole cording thing and only made enough for three sides of the chair. This left the back a little naked. I blame it on my "I'm so tired, I'm turning into a zombie stage". You know, the stage where you are almost at a good stopping point, but not quite, so you try to power through it by sheer will and determination.  

Secondly, I only did cording on the slipcover skirting, but had I to do it over again, I would do cording on most of the chair. It really adds definition to the piece. To tell you the truth, I was a little afraid of cording to begin with, so I left it alone until I was feeling a little more confident in my slipcover sewing skills. 

Lastly, I would add additional ties to the bottom of the chair. Since this chair swivels and rocks, it sits at an angle. This leaves the bottom of the slipcover open and I had to safety pin it closed. 

So why I am admitting all of this to you? Why not pretend that this is the best slipcover ever made and I will never take it off my chair again? Here's the deal. Some people have a natural talent for acquiring new skills. Then, there are others who have to work really HARD to acquire a new skill. It takes a lot of time and dedication to do things right. Don't get discouraged when you attempt something for the first time and totally botch it up! That's learn from your mistakes and carry on.  

For now, I will keep this slipcover. But I assure you, the next time I will do things a little differently. Who knows, I just might knock the next one out of the ball park!


  1. Yeah you did a great job. I have made several slipcovers and trust me, you do get better with each one. I still look at my first and think of how hard it was, but I did it ALL BY MYSELF. I have the same problem with the exposed back. My solution is going to be to put in an extra panel behind where the ties come together so you will still only see the white fabric and not the original chair. Congrats and can't wait to see your next one. Alaina

    1. Alaina, thanks for the encouragement and advice. That's a very good idea to have an extra panel. I never thought about that!

  2. best post title of the week!

    this is my favorite blog party to visit. omg the power of slips and their ability to charm! bravo to you!

    hope you can hop over when you have a chance to read my interview with a hero of mine, rachel ashwell.