Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Settee For Me

Yesterday, I shared with you that I went to a few yard sales over the weekend. Well, here is my prize of the month. I am just tickled to have found this. I have been drooling over the settees that I have been seeing on different blogs and pinterest for about three months. (Okay, not literally drooling) It is amazing to see how great these bad boys look when reupholstered. I admire the talented people who take on such a large task. 
I am just so amazed at the amount of grace that God showed me in being able to find one in my area. Especially, one that fit within my budget. I have been scouring Craig's List and Bookoo as of late looking for one that fit within my budget. 

I have only seen a few online that have the wingback. I searched the Internet over the weekend and to the best of my knowledge I think this would be considered "Louis XV Style". 
(Feel free to correct me if I am wrong!) I know that this had to be manufactured in 1929 or after because of a tag underneath it, but I still cannot pinpoint the exact year. 
All of the legs are in wonderful shape. It really has great bones. 
Here is a close up of the fabric. I am not too hip on this color and pattern, but I definitely can live with it. Hopefully, in the near furture, I will be able to reupholster this. Maybe with a grey fabric? That is, if I am brave enough. 
In addition to the settee the size of a small bus, these were an added bonus. SCORE! They look like "his" and "her's" chairs. Are you getting this? They match the settee! The man actually told me that he'd only sell this to me as a set. 

I had to make three trips to get these home, which included having to borrow a truck. 
I could just hear the iconic words of Ricky Ricardo to Lucille Ball coming out of my husband's mouth when he discovered that I bought MORE furniture! 

"Lucy, You got some 'splaining ta do!" And I could just picture Lucille's deer in the headlights facial expression on my face. 

Uh oh, I'm gonna be in trouble.  

As if we needed more furniture. I took a count of how many pieces I had in my living room this morning...are you ready for it? I had 9 chairs and 2 couches. That is, if you consider the settee a couch. 

My husband is used to it by now. He even told me that I couldn't sell HIS wingback chair because he already staked his claim on it. He really is a furniture fanatic like me! 

Hopefully, I will be able to get some booth space this month.


  1. Oh, these are GORG! Are you planning to recover them or keep them as-is?

    1. Thanks so much Oxido! I plan on recovering them in a deep grey. If you look on my Pinterest board titled "Settee" you can see my inspiration photo. It's the board cover photo. I just love the dark gray paired with the dark wood finish. Have you ever recovered anything?