Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Adventures in Slipcovers

In addition to totally stripping the upholstery off the red chair this past weekend, I started making my first slipcover. Yes, thanks to Mrs. Mustard Seed I was feeling very inspired. I really never knew slipcovers could look THAT good. When I think slipcover, I think sheet draped over the couch. It's just not my style. She has a talent for turning the ordinary into extraordinary. She has several video tutorials on how to make your own that you may be interested in watching.  Be careful...you might just get sucked in by her sweet charm and sheer awesomeness. Hours may pass by quicker than you realize. Can you tell I'm a fan? I feel like such a groupie! 

Weekends are always a good time for me to conquer projects that I don't have the time for during the week. Here's how far I got on my slipcover. I just had to stop before I became a zombie from lack of sleep. 

I didn't get to see how the back of her slipcover looked in the videos, but here's what I imagine it may have looked like..minus the skirt and tie backs of course. 

I totally forgot to show you a before picture and I promise I will in the near future. 

In addition to watching most of Miss Mustard Seed's video tutorials, here's the stack of books that I have been reading and perusing through. As you can see, most are from my local library. 

Happy Tuesday!

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