Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rockin' Red Chair

I want to show you the chair that I am planning on reupholstering soon. 

My absolute favorite detail about this chair is that it rocks...literally. Chairs that rock make my heart go pitter patter. Because of this fact, I gladly welcomed it into my home about a year ago. 

Yes, this what it has looked like for at least a year. A little rough looking, huh? In my defense I have kept a pillowcase over the seat cushion to try to preserve it a little longer. But I finally have set my mind to reupholster it. Soon... By soon I mean this month. 

You can't quite make out what the tag says here. Sorry, but it was upholstered in 1958. An oldie, but a goodie. 

In case you were wondering how the fabric is attached to the arm. 

Did you notice that when I reupholster this chair I will have to take the arms completely off? The arms are screwed in over the fabric. It seems like it would be a pain, but not really. 

The fabric towards the back of the arm is stapled to the back frame. This neatly hides the excess fabric used to upholster the arm. 

In addition to replacing the fabric, I will have to replace the burlap. The burlap supports the seat cushion or filling. In this photo, you can easily see the filling spilling through the burlap.  There is not a noticable dip in the seat, so I am hoping to reuse the original filling. 

I will show you the finished product soon. 


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